Ceramic Products
Corner Profile

This is a product used to finish and improve the finishing of the tile coverings and tile edges.

Feature of tile corner bead pvc
  • Tough and Not easy to be damaged
  • Easy to make the corner in good shape with pleasure
  • keep drying and Hard to crack,and make the quality guarantee
  • Shorten time and improve the efficiency to 3 or 6 times
  • weatherable grade, lead free,UV resistance, corrosion resistance, ignition resistance, low electrical.
  • Tile Corner bead pvc can be against rupture or cracked in plaster of engineering so that it can help to form straight line on the corner, and to protect and reinforce the most vulnerable parts of the mortar. Angle beads play an important role in a project. Because the tile corner bead pvc is always damaged easily in the process of construciton. It is convenient,easy and fast, so it can help the project save a lot of time.

This is a product, which is used in different types of application while wall tiles are laid. It is used:
  • Wherever an external edge is created
  • The places wherever the tile level ends

  • Easy to install
  • High quality and strong
  • Suitable for all kinds of mineral wall ceiling

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