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Dishwash Gel

The hygienically concentrated high power super cleaning with multi-action formula, Pupa Dishwash Gel is power packed to clean most dry, dirt-laden, oil-smudged vessels and all types of metallic and non-metallic utensils. This newly advanced product is PH balance to give you quick and easy cleaning for sparkling looks and also kills gerns and makes it oroder-free.

Feel Good Features
  • For quicker and easier cleaning
  • Gives added sparkle to utensils
  • Can store it for longer periods
  • Harmless non-austic soda combination
  • With power-packed agent cleans even the most dry,dirt-laden and oil-smudged vessels
  • Anti-bacterial moisturised
  • User friendly (PH balanced)
Direction for use
  • Mix 10ml of Pupa Dishwash Gel with 100ml water
  • Use directly without mixing water on hard and stubbom dirts and oil layers.
  • User a scrubber while cleaning.

Available Flavours
  • Green Apple Flavour
  • Lemon Flavour

  • All types of vessels and utensils
  • China clay materials
  • PLastic, polymers, pet jars and bottles
  • Copper bottom & Stainless Steel kitchen wares

  • 220 & 500 ml (pull up cap)
  • 1.5 & 50 liters

Fabric Wash

Very effectively cleans, softens and provides loveable fragrance to all types of advanced costly cloths without disturbing their originality. It removes evens the hard stains.

Feel Good Features
  • Very effective cleaning with softening and frangrance.

  • All type of washing machines and manual wash.

  • 500 ml & 5 liters

Direction for use
  • For washing machines use 100 ml of Pupa Fabric Wash
  • For manual wash use 50 ml for 1 bucked (15 Liters) of cloths.
  • For hard stains use few drops directly on the spot.

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