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Hi-Tech Floor Cleaner

A power packed unique and effective formulation based Pupa Floor Cleaner thoroughly cleans all types of floor and retains the sparkling shine even after a clean mop.It also kills germs while removing even the toughest stains, No powdery residue after the mop and there is no risk of slipping even with hard-water the best performance.

Feel Good Features
  • Cleans all types of floors
  • It is a cleaner plus a disinfectant
  • Retains the shine even after a clean wash
  • A power -packed wash minus the residue
  • Retain mild fragance
  • Harmless for hands
  • Best performance even with herd-water.

  • All types of floors.
  • Natural stones.
  • Metal and polished surfaces.
Direction for use
  • Clean with plain water
  • Dilute 1 bottle cap (15 ml) of Pupa Floor Cleaner in 1 liter pf water of clean normal surfaces.
  • According to surfaces change the dilution
  • Tougher stains be tackled without diluting.

Available Flavours
  • Rose, Lemon and Natural Scene

  • 550 ml ,5 & 50 litres

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