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Glass Cleaner

Best cleaning formula essential for cleaning all house appliances ,glass windows,mirrors.Effectively specialised unique formula removes stubbom dirt,bird -drops ,finger prints on wind sheild of cars.

Feel Good Features
  • Cleans hard stains dirt from glass windows and mirrors.
  • Removes stubborn dirt stubbom dirt,
    bird -drops ,finger prints on wind sheild of cars.
  • The lime and vineger combination destroys all types of dust dirtiness to give you bacteria a free state and shining looks.
  • Removes bad odor from fridge
Direction for use
  • Press pump on the dusty areas.After spraying use a dry and clean cloth to wipe the surface for cleaner looks.

  • + All types of surface cleaning like Window Glass,
    TV ,Fridge ,Mirror ,Car Window and house hold appliances
  • Please refer electronics appliances manual whether liquid spraying can be used on them
  • 250 ml,550 ml ,5 & 50 litres

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