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Multipurpose Wash

A unique and advanced formulation of Pupa Uni Wash, the multipurpose cleaning gel acts as shampoo,which penetrates and dissolves dirt without affecting the protective soft layer on the costly painted surface.It effectively cleans all costly paint ,rubber,plastic,vinyl and glass surfaces .The combination of soft ingredients keeps users cleaning.It can be used even in hard water also.

Feel Good Features
  • Effective performance
  • Gives sparkling shine
  • No fear of damage
  • User's friendly
  • Can be used in hard water
  • Mild frangance

  • Cars ,buses,bikes and all automobiles
  • Interior cleaning(with proper dilution with water)
  • Metal bodies

  • 5,35 and 50 litres
Direction for use
  • Dilute Pupa Uni Wash 50 ml with 1 liter of water for first time cleaning.
  • Second time onwards ,make the dilution of 30 ml wwith 1 liter of water
  • First clean the vehicle with enough water apply the Pupa Uni Wash Solution with the help of sponge .Finally rinse with good and enough water
  • No need of wiping
  • For plastic and other smooth surfaces ,make the solution of 1:20 ratio
  • Please donot apply on SS/CP fittings

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