PUPA HOMECARE is certified in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard, which means that our Quality Assurance Management System has been certified against a best practice standard and found compliant by a third party certification body. This new standard puts major emphasis on continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Pupa has been process oriented to ensure that the consumer is completely satisfied with the end product. The process starts right at the procurement of raw materials. Quality standards can never be compromised. The production floor follows rigid quality parameters. A sample from each and every batch of final product is put through various checks and observations. All the products have individual Material Safety Data Sheet to ensure the commitment to deliver quality assured products reaches the consumer.
Quality Certificate
R & D
We at Pupa understand the importance and role of Research and Development. That’s why it plays a critical role in our innovation process. The process involves bringing together newer technologies and capabilities that help in creating products that have a futuristic imprint.

However, we also firmly believe that R&D is not merely about technology alone. After technology can only be an enabler. That’s why our investments go beyond technology. We invest time and effort in carefully understanding consumer needs and issues that translate into “insights”. Our products are always customer-centric, both in terms of offering a solution and also being cost conscious.

The core to our R&D effort is the value our team possesses. This we call ACER. This is about Analyzing, Connecting, Experimenting and Revolutionizing.

  • Analyzing consumer needs, technology capabilities, possible solutions and coming out with the best possible solutions.
  • Connecting the various elements be it need for technology investments, sourcing of raw materials, quality management etc
  • Experimenting in all possible ways before a product is finally chosen for production. This allows us to engage ourselves in possibilities rather than settling for what comes our way.
  • Revolutionizing the product in its core or augmented solution that translates into value addition.

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