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Tough Stain Remover

With its cutting edge formula and user friendly combination for the homely use ,it effectively remove hard-water stain, food and toilet stain to give you the ultra clean works.

Feel Good Features
  • Most powerful and advanced stain remover and odor remover.
  • Can remove the toughest toilet stains.
  • Smashes oil and grease stains easily.
  • Safe to handle
  • Extremely good for removing hard-water stains

  • Cermaic Tiles
  • Sanitary Wares
  • Toilet
  • China Clay & Porcelain Materials
Direction for use
  • Wear hand gloves when using
  • For normal stain floor mix water in 1:1 ratio
  • Use directly without mixing water on toughest stains.
  • Please clean it after 5 minutes of application
  • Test it on some remote corner and find the real power and use it on required surfaces
  • Please do not apply on SS/CP fittings

  • 1 ,5 & 50 liters
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