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Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner

Specially developed to make the tiles look stain free best.Its fast acting and multi-acid with the detergent formulation helps you get quick and immediate cleaning without eroding the tiles.

Feel Good Features
  • Removes cement film ,hard water stains and the most oxide stains.
  • Best on ceramic tile floors and walls.
  • 20% more extra power added now.
  • Harmless non-acid formula.
  • Will nor erode the smoothness of the tiles
  • No fumes while cleaning
Direction for use
  • For normal stains 1:4 ratio is required
  • For toughest stains use directly
  • 10 minutes after applying the cleaner ,scrub with a bristled brush for the best results
  • Always test before use on a limited surface
  • Do not use on metal surfaces and natural stones
  • Wear hand gloveswhile using
  • Keep away from kids

  • Cermaic Tiles
  • Vertified Tiles (Surface dirt and stain only)
  • Sanitary Wares
  • Glass Surfaces
  • China Clay Materials
  • 550 ml (pull up cap)
  • 5 & 50 litres

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