Construction Chemical Products
PUPA Tilo Bond - Tile & Stone Adhesive
A-3000 Premium White
A-2000 Premium
A-1000 Standard

PUPA TILO BOND A3000PREMIUM White, A2000 PREMIUM & A1000 STANDARD is cement based tile glue to fix ceramic tiles and stones on the floor and the wall indoor and outdoor.

  • Has excellent water proof quality
  • No water is required for curing
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Cementanious polymer modified
  • Durably Strong
  • Single component to be mixed with water
  • Comprehensive coverage

Available Range
  • A3000 Premium White, A2000 Premium & Standard A1000
  • Internal and external Walls & Floors for Ceramic Tiles, Mosaics and all type of Stones

  • 60 to 70 sq. ft. in 3 mm thickness

Available Packing
  • 20 kg and 10 kg

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