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PUPA Wall Putty

PUPA Wall Putty is white cement based ready to use seamless plaster supplied in powder form requiring addition of water at site before use. It replaces conventional materials like ‘Plaster of Paris’, Lime, etc because of its superior properties.

It’s unique formulation of white cement and high performance special chemicals with polymers is not only strengthens the walls but also protects expensive paints from moisture and dampness. It is highly durable and water resistant, white, smooth and glossy finish, perfect protection for a wide range of paints and ideal for interior/exterior surface.

PUPA Wall Putty is specially developed as a finishing coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and to make the walls/ceiling ready for painting, as it is white, it can be treated as a base coat for painting also.

  • Suitable for new and old surfaces.
  • Good bonding strength.
  • Water resistant.
  • Can be applied directly over concrete and cement plaster.
  • Fills fine hair line cracks and pin holes.
  • Can b applied in 1 to 2mm thickness per coat.
  • Economical.
  • Protects paint from moisture and flaking.
  • Does not require curing.
  • Strong adhesion strength between putty and base surface.
  • Long lasting and more coverage for costly paints.
  • Can be applied on wet/dry surfaces.
  • No need of primer.
  • Ideal substitute for dull finish cement wash.
  • Prevents the growth of fungus and algae.
  • Very easy to mix and apply.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • UV resistance.

  • It can be used on new plastered surfaces for preparing the surface for painting.
  • It can be used in renovation of old building due to the property of strong adhesion with existing surfaces.
  • It can be directly applied on fair faced brick masonry, hallow blocks and concrete walls for preparing the surface for painting.
  • It can also be used under the ceiling.

Available Packings
  • 40 kg bags

Method of Application
Surface Preparation
It is important to prepare the surface by removing all loose and deleterious matters, oil and grease etc., before treating with PUPA Wall Putty. The surface should be sufficiently damp before the putty is applied.

Mixing of Applications
PUPA Wall Putty shall be mixed in a clean basin adding 37-40% clean water by weight. The mix shall be thoroughly mixed to get a homogenous consistent paste.

The PUPA Wall Putty shall be applied on the prepared surface with the help of blade or trowel to a maximum thickness of 2mm and shall be allowed to dry overnight. When a second coat is required, the same shall be applied after the first coat becomes dry.

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